Six Great Indoor Play Places in Lincoln

By Mary Monahan January 10, 2018

The weather is changing and we are going to need to go to indoor play places soon. We are always on the lookout for places for our kids to run out some energy. This week, we made a list of our favorite indoor play areas at restaurants. Not only do your kids get exercise but you can eat and maybe even talk to your spouse for a bit. The trifecta!

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One word: wow! When Scheels was describing itself as a family destination I didn't understand what they meant by it. Now I get it, the new Scheels has a lego table, an aquarium, a ferris wheel, an indoor playground, a candy shop, a fudge shop, a mini bowling area, a putting green and more. The only attractions that you pay for are the ferris wheel and bowling. I know where I'll be on a cold January day: sipping coffee and making my way through Scheels with my kids.

McDonalds on 48th St and R St
This McDonalds has been newly renovated and it is a light and bright space. The play area has multi-levels and is set up as obstacle course. For my kids the really fun part was the interactive light table. Each lightbulb is a different color and it is controlled by your fingertips. Just tap it to change the color! They also have two computers with games loaded on them. Overall, a fun space for kids and a good place to enjoy a playdate with a friend.

The Front Porch-Adams & 59th
The Front Porch is a coffee shop located in Cross the Line Church at 5925 Adams St. They are open 7 am to 6 pm every day. The play area at the Front Porch is great. It has an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area has a climbing structure with a slide and many smaller things to play in including some beloved pieces from the Ager Center including the hippo. It is free to play. The coffee shop not only has a variety of drinks but also sandwiches, salads and pizza. There is minimal seating inside the play other. You eat and drink outside in the restaurant area. The Front Porch is designed for kids younger than elementary-aged.

McDonalds-56th & Old Cheney
The McDonald's on 56th & Old Cheney has an enormous play area. It is big enough for older elementary kids to play in easily. It is two "stories" high with two slides, a toddler area and plenty of climbing. This restaurant has plenty of seating within the play area so you can keep an eye on your children while they play. It is a bright space too which I really like.

Chick Fil A-27th & Pine Lake
The Chick Fil A play area is the smallest of the play areas on this list. There is a toddler area, a small area to play and a slide. It has no seating for parents other than a shoe bench. The play area is glassed-in so parents can sit on the outside and watch. The toy that comes in Chick Fil A kid meals is always a book, which I love. If your child would prefer to turn their book back in and get an ice cream instead, they can.

Runza-27th & Pine Lake
There is one Runza in Lincoln with a play area and it is a favorite in our house. My daughters ask to go there on dates with my husband. It is a tall structure with lots of climbing, tubes and slides. It can be harder for young children to play since there isn't a toddler area but for older kids, it is perfect. 

Our night to go out together are Tuesdays. We go out to take a break from the dishes (I wish we could take a break from the laundry), the cooking and to take a break from our standard schedule.