Preschool Openings at St. Mark Lutheran Preschool

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year Is Open

By Kyle Swogger February 11, 2021

St. Mark Lutheran Preschool knows the importance of educating the whole child including spiritual, physical, intellectual and social-emotional development.

Our program integrates the HighScope Preschool Curriculum which is research based and child focused. HighScope not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning but also promotes independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving.

We believe that children learn best through active participation. Our classroom, lesson plans and activities are designed to engage the children and reach them according to the way they think and process information. What may look like play to most adults is actually young minds hard at work!

Examples of Preschool Experiences

  • Bible Time: Children listen to and participate in Bible lessons.
  • Play: Children act out their own play themes, pretending and working cooperatively.
  • Creative Arts: Children create unique artwork and express themselves through music.
  • Physical Development: Children increase their hand-eye coordination and balance through planned group experiences.
  • Lauguage/Literacy: Children learn concepts of print, retell stories, and learn about letters in the context of stories and everyday experiences.
  • Social Development: Children learn to problem solve with others and form friendships with peers

Program Options: 

  • 3 Half-days - $180/month
  • 5 Half-days - $275/month
  • 3 Full-days - $315/month
  • 5 Full-days - $425/month
  • Extended Care Available

Address: 3840 S. 19th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502

Contact Info:

Parent Review - "Just recently our son Henry was spewing out information regarding numbers, letters, paleontologist and fossils. Information I knew he did not know at all prior to attending pre-school and information he knew very well now. My heart was so happy to hear him confidently sharing information, and humbly I knew as a mom it wasn't because I taught him, it had to come from his pre-school experience. The amount his knowledge has grown since being in pre-school is incredible. Also, in part of our coming home routine and asking how his day was, Henry shared something that just continued to comfort our choice in where we send him to school and how phenomenal the St. Mark staff are. What Henry remembered from that day was that he gave Mrs. Lauber a great big hug because he loves her and loves how kind she is. This is especially significant to us as our son Henry doesn't just hand out hugs, he is very intentional with them and truly showed us the bond and connection that is there with him and Mrs. Lauber. The preschool teacher, Mrs. Lauber, is incredible and someone I am honored to have spend all day with one of our greatest gifts, our children." ~KyAnn