Creative Minds Early Learning Center: A New Play-Based Learning Center

July 12, 2023

Let's wait to put our children in a classroom before they are ready...that's our philosophy! Creative Minds is a true play-based learning center. With child-led learning, our goal is to foster trusting relationships between teachers and children, encouraging educators to facilitate in-the-moment planning while maintaining consistent boundaries. 

Creative Minds Early Learning Center is a new early education center in Lincoln, NE. Creative Minds Early Learning Center is located at 5521 Shady Creek Court. Visit our website or call 531-500-3994 to learn more and take a tour.

Our non-traditional center concentrates on children, not babysitting. We are not a daycare. Each day will be spent learning in our spacious learning centers, which are filled with materials that encourage children to actively explore and engage. 

We believe in child-led learning with the guidance of teachers. We focus on developmentally appropriate practices, embedded learning opportunities, teachable moments, and real-life experiences. Our curriculum aligns with the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines. 

We strive to be a true play-based learning center at Creative Minds Early Learning Center. What does that mean exactly? Children will only be in their classrooms during meals, snacks, quiet times, story times, and possible specific curricular activities. Our generous space allows for two massive indoor areas for gross motor play when the weather in Nebraska doesn't cooperate with outdoor play. The various areas of our center represent learning portals that include language and literacy, math, science, creative and visual art, sensory, cooking, and gross motor play. 

Playing in the fresh air is an essential part of childhood, and when Nebraska weather allows, our little ones will enjoy unstructured, self-directed play. Our newly renovated outdoor area has been constructed to encourage children to explore and develop. This type of unstructured play allows them to be creative and discover the world in their own unique way.