Kids Park of Lincoln

5633 S. 16thLincoln, NE 68512
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Our preschool covers all the traditional subjects: letters, numbers, colors, shapes ... and, Science, Math Concepts, The Arts and daily fitness. Lessons are repeated throughout the week in new ways to engage all learners. This method is ideal with children on different schedules.  Each child is exposed to the same material. The preschool teacher at KidsPark is Miss Carrie. She is returning from last year and loves teaching our preschool program. She always incorporates music and art. She focuses on preparing the kids for Kindergarten while allowing them the freedom to learn through play.


Do you usually attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday but you miss a day? Don't worry about re-scheduling a day. Going on vacation and concerned about losing a week's worth of paid preschool? You only pay for when your child attends school. Our preschool is Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Diapers Welcome

Do you have a child that is potty training? Or maybe still has accidents? Many preschools require children to be full potty trained but KidsPark welcomes kids who are still working on it.

No Additional Enrollment Fees

There are no additional fees for the preschool program. You only pay when your child attends KidsPark!

Childcare Before and After Class

Don't worry about being late to pick someone up from preschool or scramble to try and find before care. They can stay and play before and after preschool class.