Skyview Learning Academy

1066 S 4th RoadDouglas, NE 68344
Phone: 402-799-2054Email: jackie@skyvieweducation.orgWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

The Skyview Learning Academy environment is holistic in nature, where families and children can feel at home in a place of comfort and joy. Every indoor and outdoor space has been designed to naturally provoke interest and provide for meaningful experiences. Our classrooms encourage critical thinking, and investment through long term processing. 

It is imperative that the Skyview student is given opportunities to engage with others in our program, in order to achieve the invaluable life skills of associative and collaborative work. The teacher will aide in this process through careful interaction and advocation for the natural learning process. We encourage spontaneous group interactions and projects whenever possible to allow the children to find meaningful ways to contribute to their classroom community. With a balance of individual learning and group work throughout their educational experience, Skyview children will have validation of their ideas and efforts through collective processes and investment.

Here at Skyview, we value each family and feel that children learn best when there is a consistency in education, in the home, and school environments. We strive to meet each family’s needs by providing parent education, family events, and volunteer opportunities. We also invite family and community members to make special visits to the school to present unique knowledge on various cultures, special talents, or interesting professions. 

Due to our bussing schedule, we offer full-time, full days (Monday-Friday) pre-school only. School transportation will pick up and drop off from the College View Church parking lot in Lincoln. Skyview has a Bennet, NE bus stop location as well.

Pre-school tuition: $600/mo

Contact: 402-799-2054 (Skyview Learning Academy Office #) or text/call: 402-890-5640 for more information or to set up a tour!

Business Review

Parent review -  As a parent one is always concerned about their child being away from them...especially their young child.  But after touring Skyview and seeing all that was available for our child to experience, especially outdoor, we left our tour feeling very good.  After having our child at Skyview for a while now I can't imagine having her anywhere else.  She is daily exposed to Christ through activities that take place in her classroom, she is able to explore the vast outdoor play area (and it isn't a tiny fenced-in, cold cement pad she is playing on), she comes home tired, and yet with many stories about her day.  I truly feel that God is present at Skyview and would encourage anyone who is looking for more than just a preschool, but a family, to schedule a tour.